AI Buddy User Guide

Table of Content

  • Getting Started with AI Buddy
  • Conversing with AI Buddy
  • Current Limitations
  • Getting help<

Getting Started with AI Buddy

Congratulations on purchasing AI Buddy! If this is your first-time using AI Buddy, this section will get you started with using AI Buddy with your WhatsApp.

The first thing you need is your AI Buddy license key. You can find it either in the purchase receipt email sent by Gumroad(our payment provider) or you can find it in your Gumroad account(

>Here are the steps for your reference

Connect your purchased AI Buddy license by sending the WhatsApp message to AI Buddy Number*

set license your-aibuddy-license-key


set license 24624-345435j-dsfsdf778

*You can find the AI Buddy Number in the guide received in Gumroad

**Note this is not a real license. You need to use your own.

Conversing with AI Buddy

Conversing or talking with AI Buddy is really easy. Just started sending messages like you would send to a friend or a co-worker. In the AI lingo it’s called AI prompting Just ask for what you need in plain language, for example.

  • Tell me a joke
  • Give me an inspirational quote
  • How do I cook Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Give me a blog idea on making money online

Current Limitations

  • AI Buddy’s one and only function is to be a conversational partner. It cannot do any tasks for the user like browse the internet, send emails, schedule meetings, etc.
  • AI Buddy uses AI models built by company called OpenAI. Sometimes these AI models will make up things that are not true. You are advised on your own judgement whether to use the information provided by AI Buddy or not. AI Buddy makes no claims of the truthfulness of the answers provided.
  • AI Buddy uses AI models by OpenAI. They built these models by training them on the data on the internet. Sometimes that data contains biases towards certain communities and individuals. Due to this AI Buddy might say inappropriate things. This is a limitations of the AI and we are not in any way responsible for this.
  • Getting help

    If you face any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email @ [email protected]

    Start talking to AIBuddy now.